We create spACE for action.

Break down the walls and liberate your company for more effective ways of communication

DCG initiates, develops and implements processes and methods to harness the people potential in organizations.
Our skills are to understand the behavioural dimensions of corporate life and to help both teams and individuals to become more effective.
DCG offers a unique methodology for designing and implementing change, providing support, coaching and training. We provide individual and focused support for mid-size companies and multinational organizations looking for rapid and relevant solutions to all the following situations:

  • teams or projects are not producing the desired results,
  • individual motivation is low and relationships between functions are poor,
  • change processes slow down and the 'not-invented-here' factor is at work,
  • personal, departmental, corporate and national cultures need to be reconciled,
  • top management needs to know how things look to the rank-and-file,
  • the learning momentum and the spirit of innovation in your organization begins to stall.
Rainer von Gehlen

What's on the minds of business leaders these days?

Neuroscience - the study of the nervous system and the brain - translates its insights into practical applications at work by looking at three forgotten needs to enhance professional organizational performance and leadership effectiveness: Awareness, Contact and Energy.
Das blockierte Unternehmen - How to utilize breakdowns in organizational communication - is not designed as a theoretical study. Its approach is essentially a practical guide to encourage positive behaviour and change limiting behaviour in ourselves and others by creating spACE for action.

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